Learn ballet at home

Ballet is a distinct style of dance that combines many different attributes into one art form. Ballet dancers are strong and ath
letic, but usually have thin and frail body types that make dancing more fluid and natural. Style and grace are also attributes that talented ballet dancers must possess. The wide range of skills that are required for ballet are unmatched by other forms of dance. Ballet dancers may look thin and weak, but they have tremendous strength and endurance that is displayed with every choreographed movement. True appreciation for ballet can not be gained until you have experienced this demanding style of dance firsthand. However, admiration for ballet dancers should be shown due to the degree of difficulty associated with becoming recognized in New York city for your ballet talent. Ballet NYC is extremely competitive and only the strongest dancers survive by becoming ballet stars.

Gaining international recognition as a ballet dancer is extremely difficult and unrealistic for most dancers. It requires talent and skill combined with a relentless work ethic. The work required to become a famous ballet dancer is painful and intense, because ballet must be the sole focus of your life. Over the years several ballet stars have possessed the necessary attributes and combined their talent with tremendous effort. In doing so, they have gained fame for their extraordinary ballet talent. Anastasia Volchkova is a Russian ballet dancer associated with the Bolshoi ballet since 1998. Over the year her focus has shifted to her solo career that she is hoping will last for many years. Another highly recognized ballet dancer is Misty Copeland, who has been in loved with ballet since the age of thirteen. As an African American ballet dancer she is one of only two others to receive entrance into the American Ballet Theatre, since its existence. 

Other highly recognized ballet stars include Paloma Herrera and Carlos Acosta. Paloma made ballet history by becoming the youngest principal ballet dancer for the American Ballet Theater. She accomplished this amazing feat at the age of nineteen in 1995. Carlos Acosta has been a important member of the Royal Ballet since 1998 and also performs frequently as a gust artist for the same dance company.

As you can see, there are many very accomplished ballet dancers that have dedicated their lives to perfecting this style of dance. Becoming a recognized ballet dancer is not something that is given or comes easily. Succeeding in the world of ballet requires talent and focus that is unparallel.


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