Tuesday, April 9, 2013


NYC Ballet - Get the Benefits of Best Ballet Company
NYC Ballet is one the oldest dance companies in the world with the roster of dazzling ballet dancers and unparalleled performance and theatre group. Found in 1948, the company quickly became world renowned for showcasing ballet in various styles. The company regularly tours both in abroad and within USA.
Till date NYC Ballet continues to showcase new work as an on-going part of its performance seasons. From time to time, the company sets up with various dance festivals to promote other dance forms. The company widely has been acknowledged for its unending contributions to the ballet and is committed to promote the creative excellence along with nurturing the new generation ballet dancers.

Russian Ballet - Ballet Company Introduced By the Russians
The Russian Ballet came into existence in 19th century. The first ballet performing company was the Imperial School of Ballet situated in St. Petersburg which went on to open its headquarters in Paris. In present date the Kirov Ballet Company and Bolshoi Company are the 2 renowned Russian ballet companies that vastly tours across the world.
Russians of all social echelons have been obsessed when it comes to dancing. The region is known for having variety of folk dances and ballet since years have been a primary form of entertainment. There is something unique about the way country went about conquering the ballet world. The Russian Ballet audience cheers and celebrates to the feats of technical brilliance that the dance troupes’ subtlety presents.

New York City Ballet - Company Related With Ballet Dancing
New York City Ballet became the prominent centre for music and drama in 1948. The success of this ballet company came into limelight that showcased the numerous varieties of the ballet dance forms over the time. Designed by Philip Johnson’s specifications the ballet company then went on to become the first ballet company of USA.
New York City Ballet aims to produce and perform the newest ballet repertory that will reimagine the principles of the classical ballet dance. Now being under the leadership of ballet master Peter Martins, the ballet company is dedicated to the vision to pursue 2 major objectives- is to preserve the standards of excellence that is been created by its former founders, and to nurture ballet dance aesthetic. The ballet company also commits to expand the audience and make all the efforts so that ballet is widest accessible to the public via educational programs, touring, creative use of media etc.


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