Friday, April 26, 2013

How To Become A Ballet Star
Innumerable teenagers and adult women as well as men learn and perform ballet in the world, most of them professionally and a large number as a personal hobby or passion! Among all of them, there are only a few ballet stars. Some ballet stars are renowned worldwide while some are well known in the city. How to become a ballet dancer has a very simple solution – to join the New York City Ballet. But how to become a ballet star doesn’t have a simple or quick solution. Ballet stars are much more than just the art of ballet or understanding and performing as per the tenets of traditional and contemporary ballet. There are many facets that define ballet stars. If you are planning to learn ballet in NYC then you should make a note of all that is important.

Choosing The Right School
There are many ballet training centers in NYC and only a few can make you a ballet star. New York City Ballet is the finest school, not just in the city but in the country. Many people enroll at the New York City Ballet from across the country because the school has the distinction of having honed the best ballet stars the country has produced.

Dedication To The Art
Any dance is an art form but unlike free style or contemporary dancing styles, ballet and a few other traditional dance forms are unique and require much more than the training and practice. Ballet stars, who have made it big, live a life dedicated to the art form. Ballet is a demanding dance form. It calls for strength and agility, fragileness and sturdiness, acting and dancing skills, all in equal measures. Such attributes can only be developed when the dance form takes predominance or becomes top priority.

Training The Body
All ballet stars have a few things in common. They have a slender body type but a lot of musculoskeletal strength. The arms, legs, torsos and face work in alliance creating a presence and movement that is rarely seen in any form of physical art. The expressions, the presence, the swings and the footing are all equally integral to ballet as is training, learning and practice. To become ballet stars, one has to bring into unison all parts of the body and that takes a lot of training off the dancing turf as well.


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